Start with Kotlin Now ..! Here are the resources, you are searching.

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Start learning kotlin from today

   If you are eager to learn kotlin, you can start from today, the resources provided below will boost your journey towards learning Kotlin.

Everyone maybe experienced the biggest hypes in this year after listening the news that Android is officially supporting kotlin as its official language along with java and c++. If you are not aware of that you can check  here.

So, yes..! kotlin is finally here but, everyone is asking how to learn this awesome language. Those who want to learn Kotlin fast, for them we have  researched all over and found out some resources, which can help you to learn Kotlin fast. Most important,  you don’t have to worry about paying anything for those resources, only free and good links are chosen and sorted out for you.

We categories them as there purpose and  what they consist of. Those references are as,

 Install and setup
Kotlin is  fully supportable with Android Studio 3.0 beta version also called carnary version. 
You can either use Android Studio or Intellij IDEA .
For Android Studio, you can download it from here. If you encounter any problem maybe this tutorials will help you.

If you want to use Intellij IDEA then you can download it from here. If you are using it first time follow this one,

Start as Beginner
If you are completely beginner and want to begin learning kotlin along with Android then those links are for you,

 From Java to Kotlin
I found a interesting and very impressive work done my Mindorks. If you are a core Java Developer than this will definitely help you. It’s basically a Cheat Sheet they are providing for Java to Kotlin, to check it click here.

I know without videos learning will not we complete, As videos are a easy way to learn.Some of video links are,

  • Youtube :This search for “Kotlin on Android” provides a variety of high quality technical talks.
  •  You can also check this youtube  playlist.
  • Treehouse course: Treehourse also providing a very good course on Kotlin, You can check it they are giving 7-day trail.
  • oreilly: In oreilly, an 6 hour Kotlin course available  by Hadi Harir a well known developer at JetBrains.

If you need books you can check this two,

  • Kotlin in Action
  • Kotlin for Android Developers

 Both them are available on amazon.

Resources/Code Samples
Every learner need good resources to go ahead in there process of leaning.So, Here are some resources we are suggesting,

  •  JetBrains offical GitHub, In this you will find penalty of open source kotlin code provide by JetBrains.
  • Want some more project on kotlin, check at GitHub repository.


If you don’t  want that much just want a simple reference you can download Kotlin reference PDF.

what do you think about those resources , is those able to help you. Don’t forget to tell it in comments ?
If you have any questions or suggestions tell me at comments and if you like this  article, don’t forget to subscribe my blog.

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