6 Most Paid programming languages to learn in 2017

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6 most paid programming languages in 2017

Anup Das

I'm obsessed with python and write articles about python tutorials for Django, Data Science, and Automation.

7 thoughts on “6 Most Paid programming languages to learn in 2017”

  1. Thanks for your comment, As per your choice i want to say, excellent choice Rohini php and js both are very popular nowadays. Feel free to play with them and make a good grip, one thing i can say if you have a good grip on them then a excellent job waiting for out there.

    If you need any help feel free to mail me. Happy coding 🙂

  2. Yeah ROR is paid well but not that much. It will be 8 or 9th position in my top earning list. According to the TIOBE Index proved the ROR is still relevant as well. In, February 2017 Ruby was ranked 11th. But it's totally 2017 result.

    I'm compiling a new report for 2018 it will be ready in few month. In that you will be able to see the clear picture of 2018 programming world.

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