can write HTML code on your phone

    Like now Web Developing was never easy before. Read below to know more.

I meet many people who are eager to learn programming but don’t have computer or laptop for them I’m writing this post. In this, I’m gonna tell you about a bunch of apps which you can use to build a full website.

This post will definitely help who want to start learning HTML from there phone but also can any web developer whose laptop fails or stuck on a condition on which you need to modify your website but you can’t reach your laptop.

 Basically for writing HTML code you need two things,

  • Web Server
  • HTML Editor

  I also suggest you use a physical keyboard, for better performance.

 If you are new at Web Development, you can start learning HTML, CSS from w3school.

Web Server:

If you are working on a basic static HTML file you don’t need a web server, you can directly run your HTML code from your sd card. However, if you use PHP or JS along with HTML to create a dynamic website, you need a web server. There are various web server apps are available on Play Store, out of them these are my personal favorite.

If  you are already using ES File explorer as a filemanager  then you don’t need any extra webserver apps, ES File explorer offers full FTP support.

HTML Editor:

You can use any normal text editor for writing HTML code but if you use a code Editor which is meant for programming it can be very effective for your work. As a Developer, I can’t work without a proper editor. Below I suggests some of the editors which are very simple and also have code highlighting, multiple tabs and shows the line number.  I think those three features are must have featured in any programming code editor

If you are not comfortable with touchscreen typing. There are various wireless keyboards available online, you can buy any one which suits you.


These are the best among apps the apps I found. Although those offers same core features, there is a slight difference between each of them.

If you are confused which one to choose, then try each one of them and see which one suits you best.

So, go on start build some beautiful websites.✊

I would like to hear from you, tell me in comments below if you have any queries, opinions, suggestions, and feedback.👇

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