Top 10 free responsive blogger templates for 2021 which will make your blog look amazing

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The aesthetic value of a website is very important because when a user visits a site the first thing he will notice is how your site looks. It can change the whole experience of the user. If the user has a good experience then there is a chance that he will visit again.

As like as aesthetic value, there are also some points you need to know when you are setting up your blog. Points like the template you are using are SEO friendly and SEO optimized or not. If the theme you are using is not SEO friendly then the search engine crawler will have some delay when analyzing your page. This could affect your page ranking.

I think there is another one factor to keep in mind when changing your template, checking is the theme you are going to use is mobile-friendly or not. For some people, it’s not a great deal. But for me,  a good amount of my total traffic comes from mobile devices.

If you are a new blogger who does not have money to buy an amazing template that suits you, then here are the 10 I think most impressive, professional, SEO optimized templates which you can choose.

Those templates are free to use but you have to give credit to their developers at the bottom. I think it’s ok because they are doing a really hard job making those templates. Also, I have to note if you don’t want to full control of those then you can always buy it.

Here are the 10 impressive blogger themes for 2021

#1. Download Bright Mag

Bright Mag is a beautiful and well-designed template. It has 3 ad section which supports responsive ads. This theme is created by BThemez and it’s Adsense ready template, you just need to do some customization and you are ready to go.

bright mag responsive

56 thoughts on “Top 10 free responsive blogger templates for 2021 which will make your blog look amazing”

  1. These are nice templates, my favorite is CLEAN. I'd like to pay someone to build me a faster more SEO friendly theme this year, if things go well!

  2. Good point about templates needing to be mobile friendly. Most of my traffic comes from mobile devices. I like quite a few of these templates, it's always hard to decide on the perfect one.

  3. These template are so cute!! I would definitely have to go with Rosemary (although I'm liking Eva too). It's simple yet elegant at the same time especially if people are looking to do fashion lifestyle blogs.

  4. Clean and Bright Mag are definitely workable for me, definitely going to check them out. Didn't have redesign in mind, time wise, but have been open to it. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Those templates are so cool and really perfect for bloggers. I loved to try EVA, I like the simplicity of this templates.

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