How to Market your app

marketing your mobile app
If you are an App Developer and finished your app.
Wondering how you should prompt your app??
then you came to the right place.
In this article, you will learn the hard part comes after successful creation of an app.

Why should you Market your app?

Let me explain why you need marketing, Imagine two new restaurants opening in your city. Both of the restaurants have friendly staff, they have the most mouthwatering menu ever seen and the cooks are best at there work. To promote the first restaurant owner all have done is place a sign outside of its door saying “Open”, But the other restaurant owner distributed posters before the opening date, place ads to different local newspapers and organize a grand opening ceremony followed by the press.
So, which restaurant do you think to gain more customers over a month??
Must be same right because both of those restaurants offer same features but, no! the second restaurant will gain more customers. Because maybe both restaurants offering same but second restaurant owner promote his restaurant, so people came to know about it.
Same rule follows in App development field, you may be developed an awesome app. It has features which people wanted but thinks for a second for a user how hard is to find your app inside App store or Play Store.  Different app stores are filled with billions of apps, in such rush, a user will hardly found your app if you don’t do proper marketing.
If you don’t know anything about marketing don’t worry. Here I will guide you how to market your app from zero to hero.
Ways to promote your App
#1. Create a Demo Video
Videos can easily catch people attention. A video can increase your app visibility, user engagement and also will get more downloads. People always check promotional video before downloading the app. If your video catches them, they will definitely download your app.
When creating a promotional demo video, make sure your video should be less than 90 seconds and put most catchy topics before 30 seconds. Try to follow Simon Sinek’s principles “Why, How, and What” in your video.
#2.  Make a Social Network of your App
Never underestimate the power of social media, create a Facebook page related to your app before your launch date. Use simple banner with the name of your app and share information on your page frequently. So after your app launch, you can get some extra interested people who will see your app.
Don’t forget to submit your app in other social media sites like Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, stumbleuponReddit Android.
#3. Create a stunning Landing page

Create a well-designed Landing page with relevant domain this can push your app little far. A Landing page works as a business card. There you can put your social media links, demo video, screenshots. Also, you can add  Play store and App store buttons, they can help your visitors to find your app in different stores directly from your Landing page.

If you are building your land page, you can check those 25+ free templates.

#4. Apply for Awards
Press can be very important for your app. Neil Patel Says: “Press is the best way to kick start your startup, and the best way to get it is to manually reach out to journalists“. But journalists are usually not interested in your apps developed by new app Developer.
So how to get press coverage for your app??
I have a solution for you, apply for app awards. Just by applying for awards you will get tons of press coverage, exposure, reviews and plenty of downloads too. If your app idea is good enough you can win an award too and don’t forget about winner booty.
Here I summarize some of best app awards sites for you.


#5. Submit for reviews
Before downloading any app people always check for reviews, so after uploading your app try to get at least 20 reviews. Reviews are very helpful not only app downloaders but also for developers. If they missed something in there app through app review they can fix it.
There is another way to get a review is submitting your app to review sites. There you will gain publicity and if your app is good enough, these sites will also help you to get noticed.
You can try those free review sites,

Those are best among many sites I found on the internet, If you want more sites you can check this list made by buildfire.

#6. Submit to Different stores
 There are various stores are available other than Play Store or App Store on which you can upload your app. Play Store and App Store are most popular, but by uploading your app to another platform you can gain some more traffic and more people come to know about your some.
Some of those stores are,

#7. Store Optimization

App Store Optimization(ASO) means optimize search engine so people can search your app in Play Store and App Store. We need to optimize search engine as many people search for apps. If you optimized search engine you can rank high in the search result. According to a research found out that most people download top 5 result apps only.
You can find most treading keywords using tools like SearchMan, Keyword Tool and Tune. Then optimize your app keywords using those trending keywords related to your app.
 #8. Grow together
 If you are a new Android Developer or a startup and don’t have any budget for paid ads I definitely recommend them Ad Exchange services. In this services apps trade for ads, you will show other apps ads and earn credits which later you can spend on your ads. There are various sites providing this services among them TapForTab and Tapdaq are very easy to use.
#9.Contact Bloggers
Bloggers review can give your app a boost and also add a great value to your app in long run. Did you noticed in Google search results out of 10, 8 results are related to blogs. People also will happy to download if the found review on different blogs.  Try to found out which bloggers are writing on topics which your app is about or you can also search for blogs which write blogs about top apps.
#10. Paid advertise 
If you have some money for advertising, then you should go with Facebook ads. Facebook has a huge audience, if you advertise there you will definitely get good visibility. Also, Facebook offers different tools through which you can target specific users based on age, location, their interest and even more.
When I developed my first Android app, the problem I faced is like that nobody wants to try it even my friends because I don’t have any review on that. Like other Android Developers, I was glued to codes but don’t know how to market. I don’t know how to get reviews, that’s why I bring this guide to you.
Hope it helps..!😁
If I missed any method, which you know don’t forget to tell it in comments.👇
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