How to setup dual boot windows and android on pc in 7 easy steps

Dual boot windows and android on pc in 7 steps

So are you thinking about installing android along with windows on pc?

Installing android along with windows will be great.

That’s when you can use both apps and software available for  Android and windows on a single PC.

And today in this article you will learn how to install android Nougat 7.1 on a Windows PC.

Before I even start this tutorial, I want to tell you that you just need to follow each step in this guide, and your pc will be ready to install millions of Android apps. 

And here they are…

7 easy steps that help you setup dual-boot windows and android on pc

Before sharing those steps with you, I have some information for you. Which I think you should know before installing Android Nougat 7.1 on PC HDD.

First thing first,

Meaning of dual-boot

Dual boot means in a computer two or more Operating System(OS) are installed on a same Hard disk or SSD. And when you power on that computer you can choose any OS using boot manager.

There are two popular boot managers are there LILO and GRUB.

In this case, we will use GRUB boot manager.

Live Mode vs dual-boot

You can also run Android-x86(Nougat) directly from a pen drive without installing it in your HDD is known as Live Mode. It’s good for them who just want to try some apps or want to test the android environment.

But there are some disadvantages to use Android in Live Mode like,

  • If you reboot your computer all user data or any installed app will erase.
  • Generally, many pen drives are slower than computer inbuilt hard drive. So system performance will be drop.

Benefits of dual-boot android and windows laptop or PC

  • performance boost: There are no extra layers between android and the system hardware. So you will gain more performance than any android emulators.
  • You will get a fully functional android PC along with your existing windows.
  • You can install in both 32 bit or 64-bit processors.
  • Millions of Android games and apps can be enjoyed with your PC.
  • Support OpenGL ES 3.x hardware acceleration for Intel/AMD/Nvidia.
  • Support hardware accelerated codes for your computer with Intel G45 and HD graphics.
  • And much more.

To install android on windows 10 you need following,

  • Android- X86 latest version(Android Nougat 7.1) iso file – Download.
  • Bootable USB stick creator. You can use LinuxLive or Rufus.
  • 16GB free storage on hard disk
  • A USB stick with 4GB or more storage.

Steps for dual boot windows and android on pc

step #1:

You can install Android Nougat in any partition. But I will recommend you to create a new partition for Android.

Android -x86 supports different file systems  which are

  • NTFS
  • ext3
  • ext2
  • fat32

You can choose any of those filesystems at the time of new disk partition.

You can easily create a new disk partition by following this steps,

Right click on computer and select  “Manage”

step 1 select manage

Then select Disk Management.

select disk management and then srink selected volume

There you will see all of your available disk partitions. Choose any disk which has more than 16 GB  free space.

Then right-click and select “Shrink Volume”.

Enter shrink size in MB

After that wait, for some time a window will appear. On that enter shrink space “16384”.

Then chose next couple of times and you are ready to go in next step.

After that right-click while selecting the disk.

Select disk format to fat32 and format it

This window will appear change File System as FAT32 and click start.

step #2:

Insert your pen drive, after that open Rufus or LinuxLive. In Rufus, it will by default detect your pen drive.

Open rufus and setup following

After that select “android-x86_64-7.1-rc2” which you have downloaded and click “start”. It’ll take some time to finish.

Step #3:

After finishing the process, Reboot your computer but keep pen drive connected.

Now, boot from that USB drive by pressing F12 or F11.

Step #4:

This blue screen will appear, select  “Installation – Install Android -x86 to hard disk”.

Select install android on harddisk

It will lead you to another screen where you need to select recently created disk partition.

If your hard disk is not showing, try “Detect devices”.

step #5:

After that install boot loader GRUB. GRUB provides a menu from which you can choose installed OS on your computer. In this case Windows 10 and Android N.

install grub loader

To install GRUB select Yes when this prompt will appear.

step #6:

As you are using disk partition as fat32, you will see a warning that android cannot save user data.

Still, you can continue but then the install android system will work as Live Mode. 

Create data.img in system memory

To solve this problem you have to create a “data.img” file. To create “data.img” file just select and enter Memory size in MB.

I will recommend you to enter at least 2048MB(1024MB=1GB).

Step #7:

Now, when the installation is complete you have to option. Either you can run Android N directly or you can reboot and run it.

Congratulation you have successfully installed android

Note: when your system restarting you may have to press up and down key to enter in GRUB bootloader. Else it will boot the default OS.

Congratulation !! you have successfully install android on windows 10 on your computer.


infographics for 7 steps to dual boot windows and android


This is how you can install Android Nougat with along with windows 7/8/10. If you are a big fan of android like me than this how you can use ultimate apps with a big screen.

If you are an android developer then Android- X86 giving you a chance to test your app in different Android versions in a single machine.

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Now your turn

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If you have any problem or getting an error in anywhere the steps then feel free to tell me in comments, I’ll try to solve your issue as first as possible.

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