New password guidelines: suggests everything we know about passwords is wrong

If you are like me tired of remembering complicated alphanumeric passwords then I have a good news for you. NIST announced new guidelines for passwords. New password guidelines from the…

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Like now Web Developing was never easy before. Read below to know more. I meet many people who are eager to learn programming but don’t have computer or laptop for…

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Unique program for Indian developers.

Nothing much to say about this code, just want to say, Jai Hind. I’m sharing this code below it’s written in C. This code is meant to display India’s map….

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10 best online compilers you must know to code online

  Are you excited to try some programming language but without installing a compiler on your computer? If yes, then you are lucky I have a solution for you. You…

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6 Most Paid programming languages to learn in 2017

    Most important thing to decide what to learn..!! If you are reading this, that means you are thinking about learning a new programming language.  It does not matter you…

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